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Information about financial assistance, emergency insurance enrollment and what to do if you fall ill from COVID-19.


If you need assistance with running errands such as grocery shopping or picking up mail or would like someone to talk to, please fill out this form.

The hardest hit, by definition, will be those without robust networks of family and friends who can advocate on their behalf. “When we rely on our personal networks, we guarantee the most isolated and disadvantaged people will be excluded,” Klinenberg says. “By definition, they are not in our networks; they are the least likely to get assistance. This is an area where government can help by funding and supercharging community organizations.”

Source: Coronavirus will also cause a loneliness epidemic

We will get through this challenging time together because we are Grant County Strong! Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Ephrata is here to provide support to our community during this challenging time and hope you will join us! Please show your support by purchasing a #Grant County Strong t-shirt and remember, ALL proceeds go right back into OUR community.

The spread of coronavirus can be slowed down.

Slowing it down saves lives. We should commit to working hard together to do this. Slowing the spread buys time for healthcare systems and our society as a whole to prepare, and we should lead the way as a proactive, compassionate community.


Flatten the Curve

Flatten the Curve

“By the time the impact in your community is clearly visible, you’ve missed your best opportunity.”
– Jeremy Howard –

What’s your risk of inadvertently allowing the death of someone in your community from COVID-19?

  • A local school district shifting to online learning will save 10 lives every week.
  • A 100,000 person conference canceled saves 200 lives.
  • If you and 20 coworkers work from home for 4 days, that action on average will save one life over the next two months.
  • Staying home when sick with #COVID19 prevents you from transmitting to 2-3 other people and causing 100 others to get it, of whom 15-20 are likely to be hospitalized and 1 is likely to die.