Mission Statement

Neighbors Helping Neighbors knows the challenges you, your family and neighbors may be facing during the Stay Home Stay Healthy order.  Community members have become isolated from their traditional networks; becoming socially isolated from the world they know. Without a network to call upon, safe practices for our most vulnerable populations may not always be possible. Our aim is to keep vulnerable and high risk individuals out of harm’s way by helping them avoid or minimize visits to populated places such as grocery stores, pharmacies and post offices. Formed to connect volunteers with those who need assistance, Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ goal is to keep our community safe and healthy through these uncertain times. Additionally, we are fundraising and seeking donations to assist with costs associated with meeting community member’s basic needs (e.g. groceries, medicine and utility bills).  

Our reach is dependent upon the funds we are able to raise! Please visit our donate page if you would like to give to this cause. Let’s help the most vulnerable ‘Stay Home and Stay Healthy’! 

We currently have volunteer groups in Ephrata, Soap Lake and Moses Lake. If you live in a different town in Grant County and would like to organize a volunteer group in your own town, please email us at neighborshelpingneighborsgc@gmail.com.

In Ephrata, we are partnered with the a 501(c3) organization, the Columbia Basin Foundation.